gmpVital Health Foods proudly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practise. This international voluntary set of guidelines governs the manufacture of supplements and medicines at pharmaceutical quality level.  This assures you that what you see on the pack is exactly what you get in the pack.

The Medicines Control Council, Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) audit and certify the Vital facility. BRC certification incorporates HACCP and  ISO 22 000 standards. (Find out more below.)

We have a highly-qualified team of pharmacists, chemists, scieAll ingredients and claims are supported by solid scientific research.

SafetylogoSafety Guarantee:

Your safety is our priority. Every batch of every raw material is tested to ensure that there are no ‘nasties’.

For example: We test for pesticides and heavy metals (lead and mercury) in all our essential fatty acid and dolomite raw materials, rejecting any that are not acceptable. Look for the ‘Purity’ logo on packs of all our essential fatty acid supplements which indicate that ours do not contain these toxins.



Staff and facility

  • Qualified, registered pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, chemists, food scientists, engineers, dieticians and food technologists.
  • Pharmaceutical-level production facilities
  • Strict hygiene controls within the manufacturing facility, including strict hand washing protocols; wearing of gloves; hair, shoe, and beard covers; and more.
  • Air pressure regulation and hepafilters prevent outside contaminants from entering any part of the manufacturing facility.

Raw materials:

  • Best quality
  • Reputable suppliers
  • Random testing to ensure quality, contents, and safety
  • Full traceability of ingredients and packaging materials
  • Batch specific certificate of analysis
  • Contents of every batch of raw material is verified and tested in our own laboratory.

Finished products

  • Retention samples for future batch checks
  • Quality inspection and approval before distributing for dale
  • Shelf life guarantee: nutrient levels are optimal up to and for several months after the product’s stated Best Before date.



The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is one of the leading trade organisations in the United Kingdom, and worldwide. BRC accreditation influences global standards and is accepted as one of the highest quality standards in the world. In 1998 the BRC Food Technical Standard was created – now considered the benchmark for food industry best practice. Detailed specifications for all manufacturing processes and a risk-assessed programme for product examination, testing or analysis and customer complaints are monitored and investigated.

The Medicines Control Council   (MCC)  certifies us as being compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality standards, thus authorising us to manufacture medicines.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is, “Australia’s regulatory authority for therapeutic goods. We carry out a range of assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard with the aim of ensuring that the Australian community has access, within a reasonable time, to therapeutic advances.”


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a seven-point system of risk-assessment and –elimination relating to food and pharmaceutical safety standards.  Compliance indicates adherence to internationally-recognised food safety and production standards


ISO22000 is an international food safety and quality management system incorporating GMP, BRC, and HACCP. Compliance to this standard is audited annually.

Disclaimer: This information is meant as a guide. Consult your physician if using chronic medication or with hypersensitivity to nutritional supplements. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, some supplements may not be suitable. Please contact the Vital helpline for further advice