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Has the Vital Garlic Omega 3 500mg capsules been discontinued? Why can’t I find the mass of the new garlic capsules on the internet? Was the 500mg 100% pure garlic juice?

- Dewald / 23 November 2012


Dear Dewald,

Regrettably, Vital Garlic Omega 3 has been discontinued and replaced with a product called Vital Cholesterol Ease. The garlic extract in these products is in oil format, not juice.

We do still manufacture Vital Omega 3 Concentrate and Vital Garlic capsules in case you wanted these ingredients on their own.

(product info:

For more information on Vital products, you are welcome to contact Vital’s toll-free helpline 0800 223311 during office hours.

Kind regards,

Andrea du Plessis

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Having had a stent fitted in 2003 after a blocked right coronary I was put on atenolol 20mg inthe mor ning plus Ecotrin 81mg and Zetomax 20mg before sleeping plus Pravastatin 40 at night as well. For some reason I had incidents of low blood pressure this year and was told to half the Xetomax. Sometime later I had an incident of slow heart beat.For a long time during all the above I have had an irreguler heart beat. Which did not raise too much concern with my Gp nor my Cardiologist. I have susquently been weaned off the Atenolol and put on 1.5mg of dyna Indapamide . Which I take in the late morning with the Ecotrin. Since the drug changes I get dizzy spells. During the day and after taking the Indapamide and Ecotrin.The irregular heart beat seems more irregular than at night.I am 75 and still put in a full days work as contracts manager for a construction co. I dont exercise and sit alot either at wirk on in a car to meetings etc. ?

- Heart Health / 20 February 2017

Has Vital Blood Pressure been discontinued? As I cannot find it on the shelves at Dischem, Clicks, Checkers, P&P…..all in Northgate Mall and Randrige Mall.

- Heart Health / 31 January 2017

Good Day. I am struggling with water retention. I was diagnosed with lymph edema especially in my legs. But it also affects my weight loss and I am bloated in my body. I have a underlying heart arrhythmia condition, which is being treated. I am on water pills and diuretics.
Is there a specialist or Dr that can be seen in South Africa that deals with water retention? I have tried many herbs that assist with water retention, it works for a while then it seems my body becomes use to it such as dandelion, sunflower seeds. I am at a loss.

- Heart Health / 30 January 2017

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