10 Reasons to love online shopping right now

From shopping in your slippers to avoiding crowds and over-eager sales staff, online shopping has never been more convenient. Gone are the days of driving to the mall only to return frazzled and frustrated because the only item you went there for was out of stock.

Now, you can shop stress-free from the couch or on-the-go between Zoom meetings. Here are a few more benefits of virtual shopping:

  1. Shop when it suits you. Even if that ‘ s after nine o ‘ clock at night while you ‘ re watching Netflix in your pajamas.
  2. Save time and energy. You won ‘ t be looking for parking, searching aisles for the item you want, or standing in long queues to pay.
  3. Buy discreetly. No nosey shoppers peeking into your basket to see what you ‘ re buying.
  4. Search with ease. With a few clicks of the button, you can find exactly what you ‘ re looking for instead of waiting around for a staff member to check stock.
  5. Avoid pressure buying. You can shop at your own pace without feeling rushed to make a purchase.
  6. Read reviews. You can view different options and descriptions, research and read reviews before making your selection.
  7. Enjoy cheaper prices. Compared to in-store purchases, most online items are cheaper. You can also earn eBucks or Discovery Miles when you shop on Takealot.
  8. Return items easily. No more waiting in queues for customer service, you can easily return items hassle-free.
  9. Variety and speed. Choose from a range of items and know that your order will be delivered in the fastest time possible.
  10. Stay organised. Never worry about losing receipts again. With online shopping, you can easily keep track of all your purchases with email receipts.

On the health and safety side, online shopping also helps to prevent the spread of germs. Browse your favourite vitamins, supplements and health foods now available in our new Takealot Vital Store. Who doesn ‘ t enjoy getting a parcel delivered to their front door? The anticipation brings to mind a feeling of Christmas – just without the holiday stress. Happy shopping!