15 Essential nutrients for less than R3 per day

If you thought that your family needed an unlimited supply of meat and fresh produce each week in order to stay healthy, you ‘ re not alone.

Did you know?

Adding a multivitamin to your lifestyle can be both cost-effective and sustainable in the long run – especially when you know what ingredients to look for.


Your body needs a certain amount of specific nutrients each day for optimal health.

Some of these essentials include B-vitamins, vitamins A, C and D, as well minerals like iron and zinc. This is referred to as NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values).

So where does the cost-effectiveness come in?Let ‘ s take a closer look at one of our most popular multivitamins and compare that with a few everyday food items.


Vital Multivitamin 100 % NRV provides 15 essential vitamins and minerals to support good health and cover your basic nutritional requirements.The average price, depending on where you buy your multivitamin, is R59 for 30 tablets.

This works out to less than R3 per day.

Let ‘ s look at three nutrients contained in Vital Multivitamin 100 % NRV and compare that with foods containing the same amount of each ingredient:

  • 100 mg Vitamin C: In order to get the same amount of vitamin C, you would have to eat one orange and half a cup of pineapple every day.
  • 18 mg Iron: To get this amount or iron, you ‘ d need to eat three cups of cooked spinach or six cans of tuna each day.
  • 11 mg Zinc: You ‘ d need to eat two beef patties or 11 large potatoes every day to get the same amount of zinc.


Taking a multivitamin to supplement your diet is affordable and sustainable. This doesn ‘ t mean that you should give up fruits and veggies – these are vital for good health.

By adding a multivitamin like Vital Multivitamin 100% NRV  to supplement your diet, you ‘ ll ensure that your basic nutritional requirements are covered – and you won ‘ t have to worry about extra food spoilage!