3 Ways Magnesium Helps With Athletic Performance

The benefits of magnesium go beyond helping your body to metabolise food. This immune-boosting supplement is also an essential everyday mineral for those leading a physically active lifestyle. Here are three top reasons why magnesium for athletes is so important:


It ‘ s no secret that when you exercise, you lose important minerals through sweat. And, when you have really low levels of magnesium, you ‘ re likely to feel fatigued and struggle to finish a workout. Magnesium is the power mineral that gives you that much-needed boost of energy to do your high-intensity training. It helps your body to turn glycogen into glucose, and this provides your muscles with the energy they need during a run or workout.


There are few things more frustrating when you ‘ re running than having to suddenly stop because of a sharp, uncomfortable pain in your calf. Muscle cramps and spasms are common for many athletes , and they can happen at any time, without warning. Taking a magnesium supplement has been known to help prevent these unpleasant jolts of pain. It also helps to relax spasms and contracted muscles.


If you ‘ re a high-performance athlete or heavy exerciser, you might experience painful muscles, shin splints or a build-up of lactic acid during and after training. You probably also tend to put more stress on your bones. Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory, which is great for helping to reduce joint pain and swelling, as well as speed up recovery time.

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