4 S’s to Boost Immunity with Dr. Michael Mol

It’s inevitable isn’t it? You have a big exam coming up, or maybe a race you’ve been training for, and suddenly you start feeling sick and wonder how to boost immunity. The truth is that if a sickness causing germ passes through your immune barriers and your immune system isn’t as strong as it could be, the likelihood is that you will get sick. Try to remember these 4 S’s to boost immunity:

  • Soap
  • Sleep
  • Superfoods
  • Sweat

First, always wash your hands using soap, as water alone can’t rid your hands of all those germs. Your immune system will always be fighting if it is under constant threat.

Next, a healthy immune system needs you to sleep well. Getting enough shut eye is so important to boost immunity, so aim for at least 8 hours each night.

Then, load up on superfoods containing zinc, vitamin C and selenium, all of which give your immune system a fighting chance. Good options include berries, spinach and brazil nuts.

And finally, sweat! Staying physically active is important for 2 reasons – first, 30 minutes of moderate exercise helps to boost immunity, and second, it gets you away from anyone in your home who may be full of germs!

A healthy immune system relies on consistent healthy habits. You can’t avoid all germs, but you can be more resilient against infections. The good news is that a focus on immunity improves overall health. While you are focused on boosting your immunity, you may notice that these healthy habits might just make you feel better in other ways. Getting enough sleep, healthy food and exercise is a great way to manage weight.

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4 S’s to boost immunity with Vital