5 Covid-19 running essentials – what should you really be wearing?

It ‘ s easy to feel as though you need to buy an entire activewear wardrobe. Especially if you follow a few well-known athletes on social media. But, we tend to forget that most of these long-distance runners are sponsored by big brands. And while it ‘ s true that running can be an expensive hobby if we let it, we really only need a few basics. Here are a few running essentials to help you get started:

Face mask

There are plenty of comfortable running masks on the market right now to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Have a look online or ask your running buddies to recommend a local supplier. Bandanas are another great option as the unique microfibre material helps to pull moisture and repel odours.


Everyday cotton socks won ‘ t do for running. You need synthetic material to help prevent blisters and wick away moisture. Choose your colour and length preference.


Look for lightweight fabrics that could include a blend of nylon, wool, and polyester. They ‘ re designed to move with your body and help prevent chafing. Where possible, opt for reflective gear to stay more visible on the roads.

Sports bra for women

Opt for a good-quality sports bra that ‘ s designed for running or high impact activities. Test it out by jumping up and down and make sure it provides proper support.

Running shoes

Always invest in a good pair of running shoes as this will help to prevent common injuries (shin splints, ankle sprain, runner ‘ s knee to name just a few). Visit a running speciality store if this is your first time buying running shoes. Staff will evaluate your feet and guide you with the perfect-fitting, comfortable shoe.

Other running gear

Finally, while these aren ‘ t running essentials, they can certainly improve the quality of your runs:

  • Sportswatch to track your time and heartrate
  • Running belt to hold keys and gels
  • Armband carrier to hold your phone (you could also use a running belt or a pocket)