5 ways to give your body an energy boost

Fatigue is the state of feeling unusually tired and drained of energy, both physically and mentally, and has many possible causes. Some symptoms of fatigue include weakness, exhaustion, poor concentration and even dizziness and vertigo. This can be caused by numerous factors, namely depression, stress, sleep disturbances, nutrient deficiencies and an excessive lifestyle or inadequate exercise. So how do you beat the ‘bleh ‘ and give your body its boost back? Here are some tips to beat fatigue and give your body and energy boost.

1. Be a healthy eater

The more tired people get, the quicker they reach for convenience food and unhealthy snacks, and the more likely they are to skip meals and overdo stimulants such as caffeine. So, never skip breakfast, plan your meals, ensure an adequate intake of water and keep healthy snacks available at all times.

2. Top up on supplements

Iron is very important when it comes to energy. If you think you could be anaemic, ask your doctor for an iron test before taking iron supplements. B vitamins are also essential in treating fatigue, as they are involved in energy metabolism. Take a Vitamin B complex supplement every morning with food. You may also need a Multivitamin (e.g. Vital Multitime Gold) and Vitamin C to aid in the absorption of iron and B-vitamins.

3. Herbal help

In the case of chronic fatigue, it may be best to consult a phytotherapist for detailed herbal advice, but there are some over-the-counter remedies that can help. Vital Ginseng helps to restore your body ‘ s ability to cope with stress, improves energy levels and gives you an extra boost.

4. Keep moving

While getting enough rest is vital, it is just as important to get enough exercise. Take a walk in the fresh air over your lunch break or take the kids to the park when you get a chance. Even minimal exercise, if regular, can be hugely beneficial to your body.

5. Detox

Alcohol, smoking, drugs (prescription and illegal) and caffeine may initially give you a ‘quick fix ‘ energy lift, but this is deceptive as they ultimately lead to exhaustion. So try to dial down the bad stuff, drink more water and eat healthy – this should in itself have an enormous impact on your overall energy levels.

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