6 Tips for better run-life balance during Covid-19 lockdown

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? It doesn ‘ t matter if you ‘ re training for a 10km race (virtual if you ‘ re social distancing), or trying to boost your health and fitness, chunking off time in an already overbooked day can seem next to impossible. Especially if you ‘ re already feeling constrained by high demands on your time and energy – such as work commitments, family responsibilities, and active social life.

Run-life balance; does it even exist?

The short answer? Absolutely.

We all lead busy lives, but we also all have 24 hours in the day. Sometimes we forget how straightforward doing things that are important to us really is. It all boils down to choosing and prioritising – even if it ‘ s not perfect each time. It ‘ s about being flexible and finding the right balance that fits into your lifestyle.

Once you block out time and make a commitment to run, it gets easier and you ‘ ll wonder why you didn ‘ t do it sooner! Here are six quick tips to help you get started with your weekly running plan:

  1. Pick and protect your run time. Find a time in the day that won ‘ t be replaced by something else. Create a healthy boundary and put it in your calendar if you need to.
  2. Plan ahead. Keep your running gear in one place and get it ready the night before.
  3. Make it known. Be mindful about how you arrange your day. A good way is to keep a calendar visible (with your running slots) for the whole family to stay up to date with.
  4. Be disciplined, yet flexible. Map out your runs in your weekly planner, but remember that life can sometimes throw unexpected things your way. If this happens, don ‘ t feel bad about it – adjust and move on. The important thing is getting back to it.
  5. Don ‘ t feel guilty. Everyone needs a little ‘me ‘ time. Investing in your personal health doesn ‘ t just benefit you, it benefits your work and family too. Plus, it ‘ s productive time.
  6. Schedule one big run for the weekend. Plan your 10km training run or speed session for a day when you have more energy and time available.