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Hi, i am not sure but i think i am suffering from pre-menopause or my hormones are imbalanced. I had two miscarraiges in 11 months. Since my miscarraige i have been getting my period twice a month or no period at all. I am 42 married with no children.

- AAhmed / 24 February 2017
Digestive Health

Good day Michelle

This is a follow up question on your responds below.

I would like to first thank you for your guidance and advise which is much appreciated. I have managed to buy a monthly supply of all the products you recommended and already I feel much better.

My follow up questions are as follow:

– Is it compulsory to take these vitamins every day for the rest of my life or would this be something that will eventually phase out ?

– When exercise, is it safe for me to use supplements to gain weight such as a mass/muscle gainer ?

– What products are available in the Vital range to assist individuals battling with weight gain and maintenance.

– Vital Voost B complex vs Vit B complex Energy & Nervous stress. What is the difference between the two ? is it recommended that I may only use Vital Voost B complex or may I use the Vit B complex tablets ?

Your help and guidance would be really appreciated.


Good day

and severe symptoms are diarrhea, fatigue, loss of weight for no reason and bloating.

What product can I use ?

Please assist
– Omar / 3 February 2017


Good day,

IBS can be caused by various factors and also worsened with stress. Stress attacks the immune system and make you more susceptible to getting to irritable bowel. It is important to firstly start with a great multivitamin. Our VOOST effervescence are great and it will also be very easily absorbed. There is a Vital VOOST Multivitamin and Vital VOOST Vitamin B that is great for energy and stress support.

It will also help to identify the foods your gut reacts to. In people with IBS it is usually:
•Breads and cereals made with refined (not whole) grains
•Processed foods – chips and cookies
•Coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol
•Diets high in protein
•Dairy products, especially cheese

We also have a product called Vital Spasticol-Ease that is great for better absorption and digestion of food to decrease the symptoms of IBS

- omar / 24 February 2017
General Nutrition

Good day

Im a 32 year old male weighing +-55kg with a height of 1.7 and one doctor once said to me I’m underweight for my age. Is there anything that I can take to gain some weight or some supplements that I can take to help with this case. I do not have any eating problem, in fact I eat regularly as required. I also have concentration problem when studying.



- Anonymous / 24 February 2017

Does vital hair ,nails and skin cause constipation?


- Anonymous / 24 February 2017
Supplement Info

Hi, how does one know that your Vitamin B levels are low?

- Cliff / 24 February 2017
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Hi, I’m Michelle Jooste.

As a registered dietitian, I can help you find the ideal combination of supplements that will support your needs. I’m ready to answer all your nutrition-related questions.

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