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Immune Health

Hi there,I’ve had flu for 4weeks with chronic coughs and it stopped i got tested for TB it was clear, now 2weeks later i can feel it coming back. Can you suggest vital product that i can take to help my immune system.Thanks

- Ntombi / 13 May 2013

Hi, i’m 31 years female. I’ve been very bright in complexion since i was young but my complexion is really change is getting dark and my hair is no longer growing. I’m taking Vital hair, skin and nails and vitamin beco but i haven’t see any changes yet. I heard about Vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid) that can help but i just want to know where can i get those Ascorbic acid vitamin c and how much dose should i take to get my colour back, what more should i take to assist those vitamin c and also what more to take for my hair. I’m desperate i’m getting married In 2 months. Please help.

- Thah / 30 October 2011

I’m using vital multivitamin for skin nail nd hair is it Realy working to boost my hair coz my hairline is finish nd thin.

- Innocent / 15 January 2012
Digestive Health

Watter kosse moet vermy word wanneer mens ‘n mantelvliesbreuk het. Dit is gediagnoseer by my ma van 72 jr en sy kry sulke aanvalle waar sy geweldig naar is en baie pyn het. Dankie vir jou gewaardeerde raad. Groete

- Talana / 20 February 2012

Hi there my name is Nolwazi a 24 year old female i just want to find out if Bco injection lighten the skin and that does it help on dark marks as i have dark spots on my face? Also that on the first time injection does it work will i see the difference on my skin on my first time injection? Thank you

- Nolwazi / 3 February 2015

Previously asked questions


I am a lady 32 yrs old I have a continuous blemishes and have been using dermatology approved cosmetics, but my blemishes don’t fade away. So I hope maybe there can be some supplement to help me reduce the appearance of blemishes on my face. Please help.

- Anonymous / 18 September 2017
Digestive Health

Hey Michelle, I suffer from IBS, I’ve been taking probiotics and it really helps being regular. I still have a bloated tummy after losing enough weight for my height (1,7m – 70kgs) I have 5kgs to go. I think it could be inflammation of my colon, which supplement do you think I could use. Primrose is a mild anti-inflammatory, I might need something a little stronger.


- Robyn / 18 September 2017
Joints & Muscles

For the past 2 weeks I have woken up with stiff finger joints. It started with the thumb and since then affects most fingers. Once I’ve bathed the stiffness is gone. If I have a rest in the afternoon the same happens. I have extra stress in my job over the last few weeks, but my diet has not changed. What supplements should I be taking? Anything else I can do to prevent arthritis if is it this?

- Stephen / 18 September 2017

I am Taking vitamin b complex to address tiredness and slight hair thinning and red clover isoflavines to address hot day and night flashes. I am 54 years of age. Is it ok to take these vitamins together at the same time?

- Anonymous / 18 September 2017
Brain Health

Omega 3 concentrate – what proportion of EPA vs DHA and milligrams of each

- Anonymous / 18 September 2017
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Hi, I’m Michelle Jooste.

As a registered dietitian, I can help you find the ideal combination of supplements that will support your needs. I’m ready to answer all your nutrition-related questions.

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