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Hallo, ek is opsoek na n oogbossie, gedroog of die plant. Ek bly in Krugersdorp, is daar dalk gesondheidswinkel.

- Thys / 2 August 2015

My daughter (15) started taking your Iron supplements a week ago. Within a day she got very itchy. Could this be caused by the Iron? How long does it take for the Iron to pass out of her system?I would appreciate your advice.Thank you, Clair

- Clair / 16 March 2012

Goeie dagEk het so bietjie opgelees oor ‘n onderaktiewe skildklier. Ek het baie van die simptome van ‘n onder aktiewe skildklier. Daar is al voorheen toetse vir die skildlier op my gedoen, maar die dr se als is in order.Wat my wel pla is die feit dat hulle se ‘n te kort aan jodium is ‘n oorsaak van ‘n onder aktiewe Skildklier. My vraag is wat doen jy as ‘n persoon wat alergies is vir Jodium (Vis) om die regte aanvulling te kry vir die probleem. Ek het al voorheen Kelp pille gedrink maar teen die 2 3de dag slaan my alergie uit. So dit is moeilik. As iemand vir my kan se wat se aanvulling ek kan gebruik wat ‘n plaas vervanging is van Jodium maar dieselfde effek het as Jodium. Ek het nog geen dieet raak geloop wat ook kyk na mense wat alergies is vir jodium (vis) nie dis waarom dit moeilik is vir my om enige dieet te volg, want die meeste se jy moet vis eet. Ek sukkel ook met my gewig maak nie saak wat ek doen nie. Ek kan minder eet of reg eet maar my gewig wil nie afkom nie en ook sit ek met baie bros naels (waarvan ek al aanvulling gedrink het maar help ook glad nie)Is daar enige iemand wat my kan raad gee.

- Ansie Naude / 23 July 2014

Ek gebruik van 15de Aug. Allergy Ease vir chroniese sinusitis.Dit is ‘n baie goeie produk.Het ‘ n algemene mediese agtergrond,sowel alternatiewe behandeling en medikasies.My vraag is net om seker te maak of enige van die bestandele van die produk ‘n bloedverdunner effek het.Sal graag van julle hoor.Baie dankie.

- Renske / 20 August 2012

i was staying with someone who have TB then at clinic they gave me pill to take to be protected from being infected by tb, name of pills was pharmapre,after that i developed rush, what may be the cause of that?

- Anonymous / 10 November 2016

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Jammer ek moes Allergies kies want daar is nie ander opsie om te kies nie. Ek eet GLAD NIE joghurt nie en drink ook nie melk nie. So wat kan ek gebruik in die plek van joghurt. Nou die dieetkundige “Eet die joghurt”. Ek eet dit glad nie, het al probeer dit is gross vir my. Kan jy help asb?


- Trudie / 13 March 2017

Does vital hair ,nails and skin cause constipation?


- Anonymous / 24 February 2017

Hello. I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride for the past year where my skin is concerned. Suffering from oily skin and constant acne breakouts. I’ve eliminated milk completely and consume eggs and cheese in moderation. I’ve stopped using my spirulina because it seems to have caused a fine persistent rash. I’ve recently introduced vitamin b complex (clicks brand), 1500mg vitamin c and Vital Evening Primrose oil daily. Over the last two days I broke out terribly on the one side of my face with a ‘million’ painful white pastules and smaller white heads and my skin is oily again. The other side of my face that broke out two weeks ago seems to be healing and more calmed down. I’m not sure if it’s the Primrose oil or the B complex because when I was only using the vitamin c the oil was under control but I still had old break outs that needed healing hence the introduction of B complex and EPO. I’m not sure which one of the two has caused this horrific outbreak. Any suggestions on a way forward. Thanks

- Anonymous / 20 February 2017

Is there any iodine in the Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement?

- Anonymous / 1 February 2017

I especially use the Vial Woman because of it’s Cranberry content for urinary tract health.
Would it be okay to use it in combination with Vital Pregnancy+?

- Sakeenah / 24 January 2017
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