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Brain Health

My daughter is 8 years old & her concentration is a bit poor. She gets easily distracted & a bit on the hyper side. I would like to know if there is anything herbal I can give her because the school has recommended I put her on Ritalin but I’m not really keen on going that root.

- Yolandi / 29 March 2011
Brain Health

Hi there, I am about to start studying for massive exams in the medical field and my concentration and memory is very poor when it comes to studying, are there any Vital products that you can recommend for concentration and excellent memory? Thank you.

- Quintin / 7 November 2011
Brain Health

Ek kry afgelope week pyn op krop van my maag waar ribbes bymekaar kom..en pyn skirt dan in regterarm…eks naar en permanent kopsere wat van my bek begin…ek lei aan depressie en vol soos stress hoofyne. Ek al kalmeerpille en a piercer slappers gedrink maar help nie…as ek pyn kry is my hele buik seer en vingerpunte gaan dood…wat kan dit were?

- Carlene Dreyer / 11 December 2015
Brain Health

Hi, Vital IQ Boost was recommended for my daughter to help with concentration and focussing during exam time. She works really hard and does well at school,but places a lot of stress on herself. I read that you can supplement IQ Boost with 1x B complex capsule to help calm nerves. I would like to know if you would also recommend using the IQ Boost and supplementing it with the B complex. My daughter turns 11 in June – also should I give only 1 or 2 IQ capsules per day? I have asked at various pharmacies, but they seem unsure. Kind regards, Marica

- Marica / 18 January 2013

I would like to know the benefits of vital brewers yeast please

- Vuyelwa / 13 October 2015

Previously asked questions

Brain Health

Hie l have anxiety and depression and lm taking slow mag at the moment can l also take high protency multivitamin with cranbery to help with my mood

- Anonymous / 18 April 2018
Brain Health

Hi I have bought Vital gingko biloba as Im studying full time and a mother to a 6 month old baby.I struggle to concentrate when I have to write tests and with exams coming I’m gonna need all the help I can get.Can I mix Gingko biloba with IQ BOOST and Max B ?

- Anonymous / 5 April 2018
Brain Health

Can I combine IQ boost with Keenmind? My daughter is 13.

- Lynn / 3 April 2018
Brain Health

My 13 year daughter was on ritallin but we took hwr off it as the side effects were too severe. Can iI put her on Vital IQ boost and Ginko Biloba? Can I combine it with Keenmind?

- Anonymous / 3 April 2018
Brain Health

Good Day.
I find myself always tired and I thought I’d be energised at this stage in the year but nothing. I need something to help regain my strength as my sleeping patterns are messed up and I find it hard to concentrate and study. This year is a very crucial year for me as it is my final year and I need to pass well so I can get into honours. I also work part-time while I study making it extra hard. I sleep in between classes and sometimes miss classes because I feel exhausted. I was thinking of simultaneously taking the IQ boost as well as Omega 3 or Vitamin B. Which would you suggest I take as I really need to get back into the mood of studying.

- Anonymous / 3 April 2018
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