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Heart Health

I’m using your product for high blood pressure, but can’t get it anymore?

- Erica Daniels / 28 May 2017
Heart Health

Good day.

My cholesterol levels are above average and I am currently on Asvapor 80 mg. I was advised to supplement the Asvapor with CholesterolEase.
But because the latter does not contain Coenzyme Q10 was told to use a third supplement called Stat10Choice.
Now this becomes quite costly as the suppliments are not cover by the Medical Aid.
Will the CholesterolEase in conjuction with my Asvapor be sufficient.
I am on a strict low fat diet and on a excersice program.

- Anonymous / 12 April 2017
Heart Health

Good day. I have a total cholesterol levels of 5.3. With HDL 1.3 and LDL 3.8 , Non-HDL 4.0 , Triglycerides 1.2 . I’m a male and 51 years. My dr wants to put me on statins. It is really necessary or can I use Vital cholesterol ease with a little diet change?

Thank you

- Herman / 11 April 2017
Heart Health

What is the normal cholesterol level?

- Martin / 14 March 2017
Heart Health

Hello. At the Cape Town Cycle Tour I had my cholesterol levels cheched at the Momentum stand. 7.35. I am 51, weigh 97kg, 1.86m tall and cycle regularly, and have always done the race in about 3.5 hours, so I consider myself fairly fit but a bit heavy. My blood pressure is excellent. I have been having some chest discomfort, but also my arteries in my legs burn lately when I push really hard on the bicycle. I do not want to use Statin drugs, but am worried about my health, especially if I have to wait for Cholesterol Ease and whatever else you recommend to start working. What do you suggest I do? Yes my family is riddled with heart problems and diabetes.

- Anonymous / 14 March 2017
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