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Heart Health

Hie l took 1 depo injection 1 november last year was supposed to take another jan 2018 but l didnt go due to bad effects and now l have hrt palpilation, anxiety, depression, lm feeling scared all the time l cant control my thought, night mares, shaking feeling,irregulor periods,cant sleep at night, hot flshes and cold feets,tickling sensation in hands and feets but now lm worried with my hrt cause if my mind bring upp something scary my start racing and l cant control it
So l would like to ask if taking vital magnisium can help with that..thank you

- Anonymous / 11 April 2018
Heart Health

My blood pressure was very high to the extent that it ruptured one of the blood vessels in my eye. Initial reading was 172/96 then it was 164/92 and this morning it is 153/104. Is it getting better? I started chronic meds however I have severe headaches especially in the forehead

- Sarah / 9 April 2018
Heart Health

My total cholesterol level is 7.0 . My homocysteine and C-reactive protein levels are well within limits. I exercise regularly but have poor eating habits .How do I get my total cholesterol level down?

- Bevan Echardt / 5 April 2018
Heart Health

your product you had for blood pressure was fantastic…now what must we do….
put back on shelf….dadelik…

- Len / 5 April 2018
Heart Health

Hi, Dr prescribed Hypace 5 mg. I don’t have high blood pressure, was 135/65 today. I do have a vascular problem and already went for bypass on my right leg. Why did he prescribed it to me?

- Anonymous / 8 March 2018
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