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Brain Health

My daughter is 8 years old & her concentration is a bit poor. She gets easily distracted & a bit on the hyper side. I would like to know if there is anything herbal I can give her because the school has recommended I put her on Ritalin but I’m not really keen on going that root.

- Yolandi / 29 March 2011
Brain Health

Hi, Vital IQ Boost was recommended for my daughter to help with concentration and focussing during exam time. She works really hard and does well at school,but places a lot of stress on herself. I read that you can supplement IQ Boost with 1x B complex capsule to help calm nerves. I would like to know if you would also recommend using the IQ Boost and supplementing it with the B complex. My daughter turns 11 in June – also should I give only 1 or 2 IQ capsules per day? I have asked at various pharmacies, but they seem unsure. Kind regards, Marica

- Marica / 18 January 2013
Brain Health

I have a 7 year old who has ADHD. He is on ADD Vance currently. I need to give him a Vital supplement (since it is herbal), so that he can sit still in class and concentrate for a longer period of time.Thank you for your helpGlenda Naidoo

- Glenda / 13 March 2012

My daughter (15) started taking your Iron supplements a week ago. Within a day she got very itchy. Could this be caused by the Iron? How long does it take for the Iron to pass out of her system?I would appreciate your advice.Thank you, Clair

- Clair / 16 March 2012
Brain Health

My daughter is writing her final matric exams. I have bought Vital IQ BOOST for her. The dosage is 2 capsules daily. Must she take 2 capsules at once or 1 capsule twice a day. What time of day would you recommend that she have them? Also is this a good product for her to be taking or would you recommend that she take something else? Thank you.

- Meryl / 22 October 2011

Previously asked questions


My son has failed this term grade 2 the school has insisted my son goes on some sort of concentration table as we refuse to put him on Retaline.
He has currently gone for a OT as well. As an overall assessment it is recommended by both assessments.

Thank you

- Anonymous / 23 March 2017

Can I give Vital Omega 3 and 6 Concentrate to my 7 year old son as the school suggested I give him these vitamins for his concentration in class?

- Anonymous / 20 March 2017

Hi there, I have two teenage boys 13 and 14 who has become so frustrated with the breakouts on their faces that it has come to a point where I can see much frustration and agitation.
Is it okay for me to give them Vitamin E together with Garlic and Parsley, as I remember taking those two together and helped me with the acne.
Also, if you can recommend a good energy booster for them as they do a lot of sports and cant cope at night doing homework.
I thank you!

- Shamie / 14 March 2017

I’ve asked a question recently, but forgot it and I can’t find the e-mail. I bought the Kids Study Power, Omega 3 concentrate & Magnesium Complex for my 8 year old daughter because she struggles with concentration & hyperactivity and is tired all the time. And irritable also feeling unwell. How do I give the supplements to her. The Kids study power in the morning after breakfast but how much will be sufficient for her. And when do I give the omega 3 & Magnesium to her and how much – is in the evening after supper better? And can I give her Calcium Complex also?

- Anonymous / 13 March 2017

My 6 year old find it hard to concentrate can I give her a multivitamin to help with that so she can concentrate and remember her school work?

- / 10 March 2017
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