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hi wil gragg weet van watter ouderdom af gaan ‘n vrou se menstruasie weg? en op watter ouderdom begin menopause?

- Marelize / 28 October 2013

Is it ok to take vitamin D with Evening Primrose and Vitamin B complex?

- Tracey / 10 March 2017

I am experiencing menopausal symptoms and I have started to take Vital Menopause in June 2012 but within a few days of using it, it seemed to aggravate the symptoms. I stopped taking the capsules for about one week, just to see if the aggravated symptoms was caused by the capsules, and I started taking them again and again I experienced the increased symptoms. Am I right to say that the Vital Menopause capsules aggravate my symptoms.

- Joyce / 9 November 2012

Hi there, I have been using Solal Progesterone cream. A product that has been discontinued due to new regulations.Due you have a substitute for this product? It could be in tablet form.Please let me knowRegardsMrs Paulse

- Marlene Paulse / 29 October 2015
Energy Boosting

I have been reading your question/answer on hypothyroidism. I am on Eltroxin50ug. I still get very tired and frequently sleep for 12 hours at a time. Wake up still tired. I see that Eltroxin may only supply the iodine? and if the cause of my hypothyroidism is not because of lack of iodine(i eat a healthy diet) are the eltroxin doing any good? – and what would one take if the cause is hormonal(it could be, I am just post menopause and 52 years old)? Frankly, I would prefer to try the natural route? Any suggestions. Why can I not take the kelp with the Eltroxin?. Your site is informative – thanks.

- Scatteredsister / 16 November 2011

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