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Hi, i’m 31 years female. I’ve been very bright in complexion since i was young but my complexion is really change is getting dark and my hair is no longer growing. I’m taking Vital hair, skin and nails and vitamin beco but i haven’t see any changes yet. I heard about Vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid) that can help but i just want to know where can i get those Ascorbic acid vitamin c and how much dose should i take to get my colour back, what more should i take to assist those vitamin c and also what more to take for my hair. I’m desperate i’m getting married In 2 months. Please help.

- Thah / 30 October 2011
Digestive Health

Watter kosse moet vermy word wanneer mens ‘n mantelvliesbreuk het. Dit is gediagnoseer by my ma van 72 jr en sy kry sulke aanvalle waar sy geweldig naar is en baie pyn het. Dankie vir jou gewaardeerde raad. Groete

- Talana / 20 February 2012
Immune Health

I am HIV positive. Can I use procydin?

- N / 24 June 2016

Wat is die simptome van ‘n mantelvliesbreuk? Dit voel vir my asof daar ‘n klep op die krop van my maag toeknyp as ek vooroor buk. Saans as ek lê en ek draai om skrik ek wakker van ‘n intense pyn langs my sy (alby kante) asof my maag skeur.

- André / 13 October 2012
Brain Health

My daughter is 8 years old & her concentration is a bit poor. She gets easily distracted & a bit on the hyper side. I would like to know if there is anything herbal I can give her because the school has recommended I put her on Ritalin but I’m not really keen on going that root.

- Yolandi / 29 March 2011

Previously asked questions


Good day

I am 37 years old currently taking the Vital Men due to feeling drained and tired very often. I also discovered that most times I have difficulty to have and maintain an erection. Since taking the Vital Men I find that nocturnal erections are back but not as regular. Im not sure if these are symptoms of ED or if the pills are helping with the erections but are there any side effects should I stop using the pills etc? What test can be done in order to rule out ED?


- Anonymous / 10 August 2017

I will be donating platelets for the first time, I have always been a blood donor, but recently my iron levels fell below the recommended levels. This can be due to my heavy menstrual periods I had lately. I am already taking a Vital Iron complex tablet every morning. My question is, will it be advisable to increase the iron tablet to two a day during that time of the month? I am also increasing iron rich foods in my diet. Otherwise I am healthy and have no illness.

- Annelize / 3 August 2017

Hi There,
I am 65 years old and is taking prescription medication for HBP and high cholesterol.
What supplements do I need to take.

- / 1 August 2017

Hello I have had blood tests done and they came back ok no psco but I have thick coarse hairs on my chin , I used to pluck every day but I have started laser treatments the hairs are thinning but I have dark shadow on my chin and I don’t shave I use a silky mit to rub off all the hairs smooth in the morning but after a few hours its prickly but the pigmentation is so bad even make up doesn’t cover it I have been told by a Chinese therapist its all to with my hormone imbalance that I gave to treat it internally so it us my hormones is there any hormone tablets to balance my system out so my hairs will be finer and smooth and no dark shadow like how it used to be please am really depressed about this can u help.

- Anonymous / 18 July 2017

Why do you have such large containers for only 30 tablets? I thought that we were supposed to cut down on producing plastic?

- Howard / 13 July 2017
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