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Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, but you’re not sure where to start? Our nutrition articles are here to help.


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what supplement can i take for my hormones to be balanced.i do have symptoms of hormone imbalance which are hair loss and facial hair growth and at times painful periods.please help as i had this problem for a very long time.im 38 yrs old with no children.

- Sunitha / 21 November 2011

Hi there. I would like to know what vital evening primrose oil used for?Is there any side effects when taking it. Warm regards Tugfah Jacobs

- Tugfah / 12 October 2011

Good day. Im 25 years old and my breasts are growing massively. Worse, they are sore. And wont let anyone near them. From January, I have been changing bra sizes, its not funny anymore.I went from a size 24b, to a 26d. Yes I have gained weight and Im now going to the gym. But nothong seems to help. Is there anything I can do or take to stop this from happening? Please help! Regards Khathu.

- Khathu / 24 July 2011
Digestive Health

Hi i am urgently looking for a endo specialist in Cape Town.I did go to my OBGYN and had a Lap done and he found 3small endo growths, that was last year July. the pain is back and i feel I am not being taken seriously. he sent me for a colonoscopy and the surgeon found one small lesion that he sent for biopsy and said i have IBS. I have never really had any serious problems with my bowl. I feel angry and sad at the same time as my OB basically said that the endo’s was so small its not possible to have grown back.please help!!!

- Charnec / 7 March 2012
General Nutrition

I am a 40 year old woman who suffers with severe PMS sypmtoms. I have done some research on this condition. From the research that I did it mentions taking the following vitamins and minerals: Calcium 1200-1500mg daily Magnesium-200mg daily Vitamin E-400ius Vitamin D Vitamin B6-100mg daily Evening Primrose Oil-1000mg daily Would it be best to take these vitamins individually, or is there a supplement especially for PMS which consists of all these ingredients? I have done some looking around but cannot seem to find a product like this both by Vital and other suppliers. What else can you recommend? I suffer with both the physical side effects as well as depression and mood swings.

- Sharon / 9 January 2012

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