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what supplement can i take for my hormones to be balanced.i do have symptoms of hormone imbalance which are hair loss and facial hair growth and at times painful periods.please help as i had this problem for a very long 38 yrs old with no children.

- Sunitha / 21 November 2011
Digestive Health

Hi i am urgently looking for a endo specialist in Cape Town.I did go to my OBGYN and had a Lap done and he found 3small endo growths, that was last year July. the pain is back and i feel I am not being taken seriously. he sent me for a colonoscopy and the surgeon found one small lesion that he sent for biopsy and said i have IBS. I have never really had any serious problems with my bowl. I feel angry and sad at the same time as my OB basically said that the endo’s was so small its not possible to have grown back.please help!!!

- Charnec / 7 March 2012

I have been in mestral period for Three weeks but i don’t take any pills so my boss by me Vital for is this gonna work or i must try another Madication?

- Memory / 27 August 2015

Good day. Im 25 years old and my breasts are growing massively. Worse, they are sore. And wont let anyone near them. From January, I have been changing bra sizes, its not funny anymore.I went from a size 24b, to a 26d. Yes I have gained weight and Im now going to the gym. But nothong seems to help. Is there anything I can do or take to stop this from happening? Please help! Regards Khathu.

- Khathu / 24 July 2011

Hi there. I would like to know what vital evening primrose oil used for?Is there any side effects when taking it. Warm regards Tugfah Jacobs

- Tugfah / 12 October 2011

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Hi,I m young women age of 27 last year in 2016 I was trying to fall pregnant till now last year I just found that I have cysts on the left hand side. Which medicine I can use to fall pregnant because the gyno told me that my cysts it appear itself without done operation.

- Anonymous / 12 July 2017

Good Day,
I always had my periods a maximum 3 to 4 times a year. Then had a baby in 2013, then had my periods after giving birth then after that I never went on my periods which made me decide to start taking a 3 year implant contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancy and then I never had my period for 2 years then in the last 6 months of the 3 years I went on my periods for 6 months non-stop. Then I decided to take out the Implanon then since October 2016 and went to a 2 months injection since then I never had my periods till today please advise what I can take to help balance my hormones so I can get my periods back.

I am now gaining weight and can’t stop eating even though I am not hungry or full.

- Anonymous / 5 July 2017

Hi, I’m 21 I’ve lost my period haven’t had it since October 2016 I went to a doctor he said it had nothing to do with hormonal inbalance which is strange cause I feel it’s got something to do with my hormones anyways he put me on the yaz Birth control pill to get my period back I got it back then stopped the yaz as I don’t really want to be on birth control and then my period stopped again… and I haven’t had a period since then .. but I just want something more natural I can use to bring my period back and get my hormones balanced.. any suggestions?

- Emily / 30 June 2017

Please advise on wich supplements I can take to balance my hormones?

Thank you

- Thato / 24 April 2017

Hi, which supplement can I take as my hormones are not balanced and I grow hair on my face. I did ovary drill as I wanted to fall pregnant.

- lolly / 19 April 2017
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