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Safe Pregnancy

Hi, I am 10 weeks pregnant and bought DS24 Vitamins & Mineral pills, can I use Vital Omega 3 & 6 with the DS24 pills??? Or is the DS 24 more than enough?? I cant afford the Pregomega Plus pills,Thanks

- Annelize / 25 September 2014
Energy Boosting

Hi am 4 nd half weeks preg and am taking pregnavit M folic problem is since i started taking dem i hav dis appetiate and i hav started to choose always tyd but recently i decided not to take dem..its been 3 days not taking dem but i feel defferent can eat anything i possible dat da dr can change or prescribe something

- Goodness / 14 February 2014

Hi, Im 7 weeks pregnant, I would like to know what I can use for headaches and tooth ache. If I am allowed to use Panado’s – how many on a day am I allowed to take? I would also like to confirm if I must continue with the following vitamins or is there anything that I need to change: Folic Acid; Vital Zinc; Vital Dolomite (calcium & magnesium) Clicks Omega 3, 6 and 9 with flaxseed oil and I also take the B12 injection. Is there anything that I need to add or must not take? Thank you

- Rozanne / 31 October 2011
Safe Pregnancy

I have started taking pregnavit m I want to know if I will get pregnant

- All Is Well / 22 July 2015
General Nutrition

hi there, i have been trying to conceive for sometime now. is there anything you can suggest i do to fall pregnant quickly as im turning 30 and i feel so empty with this thing over my head . Please suggest any thing pills , medication, diet etc. your assistance will e highly appreciated kind regards

- Gee / 25 January 2011

Previously asked questions

Safe Pregnancy

Is it safe for me to continue using vital multi vitamin while pregnant?

- Anonymous / 20 March 2017
Safe Pregnancy

I’m 34 yrs of age and don’t have a baby,sometimes I have stomach cramps and a kidney pain.I need help.the is no Vital pills that can makes me fall pregnant and finish this pains?I’ve tried doctors.

- Anonymous / 5 March 2017
Safe Pregnancy

Good evening.
I am currently using the Vital pregnancy + and you have advised to start Omega 3 and Ca/Mg supplementation at 4 months…. I would like to know when is the appropriate time to take the Omega 3. With my multivitamin in the morning after breakfast or in the evening with my Ca/Mg supplement.
Thank you so much! F

- Anonymous / 3 March 2017
Safe Pregnancy

Good day Andrea. I read you gave pregnancy advice on what supplements to take. And you recommended Vital pregnant woman +, Omega I think 3&6 I’m not sure or if it was just omega 3 & then Calcium. I’m in my 3rd trimester(29wks). Can you give me advice please. I’m extremely tired now more than usual, constipated( this is the 11st time I’m experiencing it during my entire pregnancy, I didn’t go through vomiting or constipation at all only when I had the stomach bug) but I don’t know why I’m constipated I think it’s because I’m feeling so tired that my bowels are lazy I am restless when I must sleep. I can’t remember when I ever had a good night’s rest even during the day I can’t(I’m a stay at home mom) also I experience heart palpitaions which my gynae said is normal but the feeling anxious most of the time is troubling me which I have mentioned to my gynae but he says it’s normal it’s actually my heart palpitating. How much of the omega 3&6 or 3 must I take daily and when & also the Calcium. I take the Pregnant women + in the morning after breakfast. I need advice.
Thanks in advance

- Anonymous / 3 March 2017
Safe Pregnancy

I am planning on having a baby. What supplements should i take

- Anonymous / 3 March 2017
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