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Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, but you’re not sure where to start?  Our nutrition experts are here to help.

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Digestive Health

Watter kosse moet vermy word wanneer mens ‘n mantelvliesbreuk het. Dit is gediagnoseer by my ma van 72 jr en sy kry sulke aanvalle waar sy geweldig naar is en baie pyn het. Dankie vir jou gewaardeerde raad. Groete

- Talana / 20 February 2012
Supplement Info

Im on ARVs ang gain so much weight, how can I loose weight with interfering with my treatment. 2. Every motning where i wake up my ankle is sore/ painful and if i have twisted what the couse and how can you help

- Lala / 26 October 2010
Supplement Info

l have been using the fat burner pills and I am about to finsh the pills but l havent seen any changes yet.Is is ok to use the vita-slim as soon as l finish the fat burner.Are there any after effects??or any recommendations please???? Please dont publish my name and email.

- Ammy / 21 February 2011
Energy Boosting

Hi there,I am on Trivenz tablets, just wanted to know what vital products I can get to boost my energy, help me again with the weight loss, and what kind of foods I have to eat, I only have been on treatment for 15 days.

- Andyd / 19 May 2016
General Nutrition

I have been struggling to eat for a couple of months now and as such have lost a considerable amount of weight. i just dont have an appetite and on the few occassions i feel hungry i only have a few spoonfuls and feel like throwing up if i continue. is there any supplement i could take that can help restore my appetite or at least supplement the food i am not eating.

- Lynette / 15 February 2012

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Hi, I’m Michelle Jooste.

As a registered dietitian, I can help you find the ideal combination of supplements that will support your needs. I’m ready to answer all your nutrition-related questions.

Just ask away, and I’ll get back to you within 2–3 business days.

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