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Kan n mens gewig verloor op die fat burner

- Yvonne / 7 February 2017


Beste Yvonne,

Tesame met ‘n energie beheerde dieet en gereelde oefening kan die Vital Fat Burner gesonde gewigverlies ondersteun. Vir suksesvolle gewigverlies, is ‘n gebalanseerde energie-beheerde dieet baie belangrik. Vir ‘n persoonlike dieetplan wat jou behoeftes, leefstyl en eetgewoontes in ag neem sou ek aanbeveel dat jy ‘n geregistreerde dieetkundige spreek. Om ‘n dieetkundige in jou area te vind, maak gerus kontak met die dieetkunde Vereeniging van Suid Afrika
Oefening is net so belangrik – om gewigverlies te ondersteun moet mens probeer om 30-60 minute, 3-5 keer per week te oefen. Tesame met ‘n gesonde dieet en oefenprogram kan jy ook die Vital Fat Burner gebruik.
Hierdie tipe riglyne ondersteun gesonde gewigverlies. Navorsing wys dat as mens tussen 0.5 – 1 kg per week verloor, dit meer waarskynlik is om dit af te hou. Sterkte, laat weet gerus hoe dit gaan.

Die Vital Health Foods reekss sluit nog produkte in wat jy kan gebruik.

Hier volg verdere produk inligting wat jy ook op ons web blad sal vind:
Vital Original Muesli is a raw, low glycaemic index (GI) food. Low GI foods generally are preferable in weight loss diets, as they keep one’s appetite satisfied longer and ensure sustained energy for longer periods. In other words, if you tend to overeat, or get hungry regularly, you would find it easier to control your appetite by eating Vital Original Muesli for breakfast, or as a healthy snack, or even as a light meal any time of day.
Vital Rice Cakes; Vital Corn Cakes; Vital Multigrain Cakes: These are low kilojoule, wheat free and gluten free snacks that can be used to substitute bread, as a low kilojoule alternative. Instead of eating 1 slice of bread, you can enjoy 3 of these cakes.
Vital flavoured Mini Corn Cakes and
Vital Mini Rice Cakes: Sold in 30g packs, these offer delicious flavoured crispy corn and rice cakes, that are perfect as a healthy snack within a weight loss diet. Each pack contains only about 500 kilojoules, and they contain only about one third of the fat found in a packet of crisps of the same mass.
All the best, let us know how you are doing.

Please note, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Vital toll-free helpline during office hours 0800 223311.
Kind regards,
Andrea du Plessis
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