Avoid Getting Sick Around the Holidays

You can prevent getting sick during this holiday.

To start, recognise that your immune system might get weak as you approach the last day of work (before you go on your annual leave). This may be because you have been putting in extra hours to get work done, which means you ‘ re getting less sleep.

You might also be feeling stressed because you have loads to tick off from your to-do list.

The pressure of it all can contribute to you already feeling a little burnt out.

How you can prevent getting sick

To support your body ‘ s needs one of the things you should do is to start using a multivitamin at least one month prior to when your vacation begins, says Michelle Jooste, a dietitian at Vital.

Taking a multivitamin daily may also prevent you from developing a vitamin deficiency – a vitamin deficiency can occur if you do not get sufficient servings of certain vitamins from a daily intake of five fruits or vegetables.

Jooste suggests the following multivitamins that can help support your body ‘ s needs:

  1. For energy: Get a Vital Vitamin B Complex because it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and it supports the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  2. For nutritional support: Make sure you use Vital Multivitamin 100 % NRV because it provides a good selection of vitamins and minerals (A-Z).
  3. To boost your immune system: The Vital Maxi C 1000 mg is not only used as an immune booster, but it also supports your skin.