Beat the back-to-school sniffles!

As kids head back to school, we are reminded that their new learning environment is one we can ‘ t control. A new school year means new classes, new teachers, and new schoolmates; but also the ‘back-to-school plague ‘ of sniffles and coughs.

There isn ‘ t a secret formula to keeping school going kids healthy but there are some things you can do to minimise illness as children head back to class:

  • Teach your children to wash their hands, especially after sneezing or blowing their nose, going to the bathroom, and before and after eating. Pack convenient-to-use hand sanitiser in their school bags for hand cleaning.
  • Boost their immune systems: Keep your child ‘ s immune system healthy and ready by making sure they get enough sleep, minimise stress, keep their vaccinations up to date, and offer healthy food choices rich in vitamins and minerals.

Diet and nutrition are important in maintaining good health, especially in children. Vitamin C has been shown in clinical trials to be crucial in enhancing the immune system, while a deficiency causes a decreased resistance to disease.

Some tips to help you remember to give your kids immune boosting vitamins are:

  • Set a reminder on your phone – in the mad rush of the morning school run remembering to take a vitamin can fall by the wayside, setting a reminder on your phone will help never missing a helpful immune boost.
  • Carry vitamins with you – keep a stash of vitamins handy. Make sure you keep a vitamin that is palatable to kids! Look out for Vital ‘ s Kids Immune Health vitamins like the Vital Vitamin C Chewable Cherry and the Vital Immune Support Syrup that contributes to a healthy immune function in kids.
  • Pack vitamins in your kid ‘ s lunchbox – packing a handy vitamin in with your kid ‘ s lunch is a good way to avoid missing a dose in the morning rush.
Now you ‘ re all set to beat the back-to-school sniffles!