The Vital Health Foods ‘ brands provide trusted, high quality supplements, foods and effervescents.


Vital is about more than the products we so proudly put our stamp of approval on. We ‘ re about people. Our goal is to help families create happier, healthier lives. Vital is your health partner; alongside you on your journey – every step of the way and at every life stage.

Supplements: Whether you ‘ re looking for a single supplement, multivitamin, mineral, herbal tonic or condition-specific product, the Vital supplement range has you covered.

Natural foods: Following a healthy, nutritionally-balanced diet requires focus and determination. Vital offers wholesome snack and health food solutions that can satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur ‘ s taste buds. These foods are whole, natural and rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre.

What sets Vital apart:

All raw ingredients are sourced from top suppliers and tested at Vital ‘ s on-site laboratory.

Products and most of the product packaging is made in one of two on-site world class factories – our vitamins and supplements factory, and our health foods factory.

Vital ‘ s team consists of specialist chemists, pharmacists and food technologists, as well as registered dieticians who provide tips and expert advice online or through our toll free helpline.


In need of a quick health boost, but feel like there ‘ s always something going on? Enter Vital VÖOST. A delicious-tasting effervescent available in five fruity flavours. The ideal way to get your nutritional fix – without pushing the pause button on life. Simply pop a fizzy into your water bottle and enjoy on-the-go.

Reasons to love Vital VÖOST:

  • Great tasting – without the sugar
  • Top five vitamin varieties
  • Highest quality effervescent tablets
  • A simple, great value effervescent vitamin and mineral range
  • Sold in on-the-go tubes
  • Easily dissolved and absorbed for an instant fix
  • Formulated to give you energy on the run

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