Vital Health Foods takes great care in attracting the right candidates and retaining our valuable employees. Investing in training, workshops, learning and development opportunities is at the core of what we do.

As a progressive health company, we believe in diversity and recognising individual opinions and creative ideas. We encourage employees to learn, excel at the their jobs, and grow to their full potential.


There ‘ s a reason we were awarded Most Caring Employer” and Healthiest Company” in the 2012 Discovery Health Company Index. Some of the benefits to working at Vital Health Foods include:

  • An in-house gym
  • Lunchtime exercise classes
  • An on-site clinic
  • Health awareness talks and wellness days
  • Weight-loss programmes
  • Flexitime work arrangements
  • A diverse work environment
  • Training and tools for career development
  • Monthly Vital University classes
  • Discount on Vital Health Foods products
  • An open-door policy that extends to management
  • An equal opportunity to share ideas and offer solutions
  • A way to give back and get involved in community projects


At Vital Health Foods, we aspire to create a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, and recognises individual ideas. When it comes to expanding the Vital team, we go out of our way to match the talent of each candidate to the position available.

We look for people who have a passion for health and wellness, who:

  • Take initiative
  • Thrive on flexibility and challenges
  • Value integrity, quality and respect
  • Enjoy teamwork and working independently
  • Have a genuine enthusiasm for what they do

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With more than 65 years in the business, we ‘ ve proved that we ‘ re good at what we do – and that we ‘ re here to stay. Helping families create happier and healthier lives is at the core of what we do. We see ourselves as a health partner – guiding our customers every step along their individual health journeys.

At the end of the day, we ‘ re about more than business. We ‘ re about people.

If you ‘ re passionate, energetic and a self-starter who possesses the skills we ‘ re after, we ‘ d love to hear from you.

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