Healthy Habits for the New Season

It ‘ s a new season which means new beginnings, a new you. And this year you should get your family involved as you are implementing healthy habits.

Here ‘ s how:

Boost your water intake

Talk to especially your young children about the importance of drinking more water and perhaps even suggest an incentive for them for x amount of water.

Get organised & write it down

This year you won ‘ t be the mom who forgets some other school activity or even the monthly school fees. Get a white board to write down whatever activities your children have on each day. Then, write down in your diary (ahead of time) reminders of what needs to be paid (including the stokvel or school fees).

Plan and prep meals

Do weekly planning of your lunches and dinners and schedule in time for meal preps. This will make the demand seem less and you ‘ ll have more time with your family.

Involve your family

– Make a list of chores for the children to do (depending on each ‘ s age group).

– Create a routine activity like gardening on Saturdays, exercising or meditating on weekday mornings.

– Choose a specific day of the week to do a specific activity like learning something new on Tuesdays or cooking a new meal with healthy ingredients on Saturdays.

Become a vitamin expert

– Learn about what vitamins you or each of your family members should take by joining the online Vital Health Academy for free. You ‘ ll learn about which vitamins, minerals and herbs increase energy levels in your body. You ‘ ll also find out which vitamins and oils support the health of your hair skin and nails.

– Take a quiz via Vital Vitamin Advisor to find out what vitamin combo works for you, your partner or your children.