When To Boost Your Immune System

Colds and flu have become a commonly accepted by-product of winter. But why wait until you ‘ re under the weather to start fighting back? By arming your body and immune system with the right supplements, you ‘ ll be better placed to fight off the flu before it finds you, and keep yourself in tip-top shape all year long.

So rather than waiting for the axe to fall, exercise preparation this season – whether you ‘ re planning a big event, entering high-intensity training or simply can ‘ t afford to fall ill this winter, here are a few key times to exercise caution.

Big event coming up?

Vitamin C plays a key role when it comes to boosting your immune system when you ‘ re training for an endurance event. When you are active, your body uses 50% more vitamin C than usual. Under normal conditions, science says that we should supplement with 1000 mg vitamin C to help reduce the risk of colds and flu. However, when you ‘ re active, you should increase your Vitamin C intake.

Training Day

When you exercise in cold weather, your body is particularly vulnerable to catching a cold, due to the stress of the extreme temperature variations. This is why it ‘ s so important to supplement with 1500 mg of Vitamin C on exercise days. This also ensures that you maintain sufficient levels for your immune cells in order for them to help fight off cold and flu viruses and keep your immune system strong and fighting.

Can we get enough Vitamin C through our diet?

Unfortunately, not. It ‘ s no challenge to ingest 100 mg of vitamin C. (Two small oranges, half a small guava, or 50 g raw red pepper.) However, to get to the therapeutic dose of 1000 mg of vitamin C, it would take 10–15 small oranges, five guavas, or 500 g raw red peppers. When you consider what it would cost to get the recommended daily vitamin and mineral intake from fruit and veggies, supplementation is a great cost-effective alternative.

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