Prepare for a romantic night out in 5 easy steps

Planning a romantic night out is about creating a special event for you and your partner to spend quality time with each other.

But, it ‘ s not always easy – with work demands and taking care of the children ‘ s needs, it can seem tricky to fit in time for just the two of you.

Here ‘ s five steps to prep for your romantic evening:

Step 1: Choose a date and put it in your calendar

Select out a specific evening in both your calendars and try your best to stick to it! Work-life balance always gets hectic, but it is important to make the evening with your partner a priority.

Step 2: Make turns to take the lead

You can also take turns to say who oversees planning the special evening. Remember that romantic evenings do not always need to be at a fancy restaurant.  You can also plan an at-home dinner or order some food from Mr D Foods or Uber Eats.

Step 3: Get a babysitter

Your children interrupting a date can cause irritation and disrupt the mood you are trying to create. Your partner is just as important as your children, so make sure you are 100% focused on the special night.

Step 4: Prepare the setting

Besides thinking about what to wear, consider the setting. Especially if you ‘ re staying home. Buy some nice candles and maybe rose petals to go with the décor.

Step 5: Keep your energy levels up

We know that work life and parenting can be stressful, so build tiny habits into your day to help you feel calmer and more in control. To boost your energy:

Add self-care into your day – it can be as simple as doing stretching or taking a few deep breaths.

– Nourish your body by eating the right foods. Food that boosts your energy levels include oatmeal, eggs, chicken, beef liver, beans, oysters, walnuts, berries and tea.

– Remember to take your multivitamin, like our Vital Women and Vital Men. Or get a sudden boost of energy with Vital VitaBoost Energy Ultra Effervescent.