Surprising facts you didn ‘ t know about effervescent

You ‘ re juggling family responsibilities and the demands of work. You ‘ re also trying to maintain a happy home and keep your family healthy. These all require you to function at your best.

And here ‘ s where effervescents come in.

To perform at an optimal level, you ‘ ve got to fuel your body with the right nutrients. Effervescents are packed with energy-supporting ingredients and they ‘ re perfect for taking on the go.


Taking one of these fizzy tablets each day can help to improve your hydration. With summer just around the corner, this is a simple and enjoyable way to get in an extra 200 ml of water.

Here are a few more interesting facts about effervescents:

  1. They set the right pH level in your stomach. Compared to normal supplement tablets, effervescents dissolve evenly, which means they ‘ re more gentle on your digestive system.
  2. You get 100% of the nutrients. Because they dissolve so quickly, your body is able to absorb all those important vitamins and minerals.
  3. Easy to take. If you struggle to swallow tablets or have a sore throat, effervescents provide a great alternative to ensure that you get those essential nutrients in.
  4. Convenient and healthy. Pressed for time? Grab a bottle, add a fizzy tablet to 200 ml of water and enjoy on-the-go as a fun, refreshing and healthy drink.


Vital Vitaboost Energy Ultra isn ‘ t your average effervescent.

Not only does it enhance physical energy, but it also includes caffeine and guarana which temporarily assist in promoting alertness and wakefulness. It is specially formulated to help reduce mental fatigue and tiredness which makes it a healthy alternative to surgery-loaded energy drinks.

This fizzy multivitamin is also packed with carefully selected vitamins and minerals to supplement your daily nutritional intake, including energy-supporting B-vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Vital Vitaboost Energy Ultra Effervescents are available in convenient tubes of 10 or boxes of 30, making them easy to pop into your bag and carry with you wherever you need to be.