Tips to stay winter fit

  • Get a winter workout buddy

An accountability partner helps to stay motivated, eat healthily and pitch for the workout session you promised to attend. Do not be afraid of partnering with someone more fit and motivated than you. At first, it could be intimidating, but sometimes that fear will drive you to greater fitness and a healthier lifestyle. It is only a matter of time before that motivation rubs off on you.

  • Pack your gym clothes and take them to work

A very important tip is to avoid going home after work, and rather go straight to the gym. Going home after work increases the temptation for fridge-eating, pajamas and crawling under the blankets in front of the television. When you pack your gym clothes in the morning, it prepares you mentally for your gym session in the afternoon. Mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation. As our minds are the first thing that discourages us from exercising in the winter. When you can win the mental battle, then the physical battle is easy.

  • Plan active weekend activities

Instead of staying home all weekend, plan a group hike or go to an indoor fun park with wall climbing and trampolines. This will not only help you stay active but will also make you smile. Do an internet search to see all the weird and fun activities to do. The activities do not have to costly. Dress in your warm activewear and go hiking, play soccer, ride your bicycle or just go for a long walk and chat with your friends. The options are endless when you start letting your mind go.  

  • Gear up

Get your active winter wear ready. Buying warm winter gym clothes will also encourage you to be active and take on the winter weather with your planned activities. Buying warm gym clothes like a blazer and long gym pants is a great investment as you will use it every winter. Getting the correct activewear improves your mobility and will make winter activities fun and easy. Additionally, it will also help protect your body by staying warm so you would not get sick.

  • Get started

Get your winter gear, pack your clothes, organise your gym buddy and plan your activities. The sooner you get started, the sooner it will become part of your daily routine. However, it is important to remember that exercising is not only important for your health but also your mood. You will see how winter activities can improve your emotions, productivity and keep you fit of course. This way you can also avoid that uncomfortable feeling of struggling to fit into your favourite pair of jeans at the beginning of summer.