Vital Heart Health


30 Softgel Capsules

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Vital Heart Health helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, heart function and supports cardiovascular health.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health.


Allergens: Soya

Directions for use: Take 2 capsules daily. Take wit as required.

Suitable for ages: Adults

Halaal: Yes


Plant sterol ester (mg) 400
Vitamin B1 (mg) 1,0
Vitamin B6 (mg) 1,2
Vitamin K2 (µg) 45
Co-Enzyme Q10 (mg) 15
Potassium (mg) 75
What else can I do to help lower my cholesterol?

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels requires a focused dietary approach, which involves the following two strategies: Exclusion or reduction of dietary cholesterol, as well as other dietary components that could contribute to increased cholesterol and unhealthy blood lipid levels. Examples include saturated fats, cholesterol, trans-fats, excess sugar, and refined carbohydrates. Inclusion or increase in foods and natural ingredients that support the body’s management of healthy cholesterol and other blood lipid levels. Examples include garlic, omega 3 fatty acids, oat bran, lecithin, plant sterols, B-vitamins, among others. Vital Cholesterol Support is formulated with dietary components and nutrients to support the dietary management of healthy cholesterol levels. Remember that it is a natural product and may take up to two-three months for results to be seen.