Vital Vitamin C Chewable Orange

Daily Maintenance, Immune

90 Tablets

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Vital Vitamin C Chewable Orange supports healthy immune function and contributes to normal collagen formation which helps with the development and maintenance of teeth, gums, skin, bones and connective tissue.


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  • Contributes to normal immune function, healthy gums, skin, bones and teeth.


Allergens: Milk

Directions for use: Children 4-8 years old Chew 2 tablets daily after a meal. Adults and children 9 years and older chew 3 tablets daily.

Halaal: Yes

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Vitamin C (mg) 300
Citrus Bioflavonoids (mg) 5
Why do we need to take vitamin c?

The common cold is a leading cause of absenteeism. Vitamin C has been shown to decrease the duration of colds and the severity of symptoms. Low levels of Vitamin C in the body, weakens the immune system and increases risks for infection.