Why do kids need a vitamin C supplement?

As adults, we know how beneficial vitamin C is. Especially when it comes to preventing colds and flu during seasonal shifts. So, how important is this nutrient for kids? And more to the point – do they really need a supplement with breakfast every day?

The truth is, most children get plenty of vitamin C through fresh fruit and veggies. But, if you have a very fussy, or plant-based little eater in the house, supplementing is a good way to ensure they ‘ re getting their daily fix.

Vitamin C for growing bodies

Kids need a daily dose of vitamin C to produce energy, support the structure of bones, and create the neurotransmitters needed between nerves and muscles.

And while they don ‘ t need as many vitamins and minerals as adults, they still need enough for optimal health. Vitamin C is important for boosting the immune system and it ‘ s essential for the development of growing bodies.

This powerful antioxidant does more than just protecting your little one from illness.

It ‘ s also a key element in collagen production. Without enough vitamin C, your child won ‘ t be able to make this supportive protein needed for skin, bones, cartilage, and connective tissue formation.

Supplementing with vitamin C

Vitamin C isn ‘ t naturally produced in our bodies and is only present in certain foods – like tomatoes, broccoli, berries, citrus fruits, peppers, kiwi, and sweet potatoes.

While kids get most of their nutrients from fresh produce, supplementing might be necessary if your child:

  • follows a vegetarian or vegan diet
  • is a very picky eater
  • had a surgery that impacts the stomach or intestines
  • has a condition that affects the absorption of nutrients (e.g. IBS, celiac disease, cancer, or cystic fibrosis)

Making sure growing bodies get enough vitamin C every day doesn ‘ t need to be complicated! Consider adding an immune-boosting supplement to your kitchen pantry for extra protection. Vitamin C Chewable Cherry is ideal for little ones (and it tastes great!). There ‘ s also a delicious variant available for adults – Vitamin C Chewable Orange.